There are a myriad of cushion variations on the market, but they are all in some form, related to five basic design types. Where comfort is concerned when shopping for your sofa, loveseat, chair, or sectional, one of the most important elements to pay attention to is the seat cushion. Available in different foam densities and hardnesses, internal features such as coiled springs, or down, all play a part in determining how the seat will feel and perform over time.

The starting seat cushion, found in most medium and lower priced upholstery, is a simple foam core (densities and hardness indexes may vary) sorrounded by a spun polyester fiber, which creates a rounded soft surface.

A step up from the basic foam cushion, is a foam and down blended hybrid. This cushion starts with a high density foam core, then is wrapped in a soft down outer layer. There is a noticeable improvement in comfort of this cushion, but will require some periodic fluffing up in order to maintain as new shape. This is especially important with the back cushions.

A top of the line seat cushion is one that contains a coiled spring inner unit with a spun polyester outer wrap. This type of core will provide a more consistent shape, with a somewhat firmer seat. Since the inside of the cushion is literally filled with a spring unit, much like a mattress, you’ll notice greater resilience along with a bouncy feel.

The ultimate seat cushion is one with an inner spring unit and a down outer wrap. You get all the benefits of the spring system core with a very cushiony outer layer.


The Down Fill Design cushion is rarely requested due to appearance and maintenance requirements. It has wonderful seating characteristics, it’s soft and pliable and molds to the body, but it has no memory. The way it looks when you sit in it, is the way it will look when you leave it. It can be compared to sitting on a pillow, so everyday plumping and fussing is a must, unless one enjoys the look of an elegantly disheveled sofa or sectional seat.

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