Due to the various leather types, tanning methods, dying processes, and underlying frame construction; leather furniture is undoubtedly one of the most misunderstood and confusing furniture categories. Leather is processed into three main forms as full or top grain, corrected grain, and split hides. Top grain leather is a premium product and made from the top untreated portion of high quality raw hides. Since this type has not been corrected (sanded, buffed, embossed, or snuffed) it retains the most desired leather qualities; durability, suppleness, beauty, and fiber strength. Because the surfaces of top grain leathers have not been altered, you can expect to have exposed scarring, insect bites, and natural wrinkles. A corrected grain leather is any top grain leather that has undergone man made changes to its surface by buffing or sanding. These leathers are made from inferior hides that require their natural surfaces to be disguised and pigmented to further hide the various imperfections and subsequent treatment processes.

They are generally not as luxurious, supple, or natural looking as full or top grain leathers, and tend to have a synthetic appearance due to a grain reconstruction after surface alteration. Since they are made from second tier hides, their cost is commensurately lower. Split leathers are the least expensive hide and used in lower end furniture manufacturing. Splits are what remain after the top grain is cut away from the hide and therefore does not have any grain patterns, which need to be applied artificially by embossing. It should be noted that splits are used in the manufacture of suede, in which the surface is buffed to give it that ruff texture. Leather is finished in three main ways; as aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented processes. For those that want the luxury of leather but prefer the warmth of fabric against their body, we have the perfect solution through our many fabric and leather combination options. You can literally put leather on the front, outer back, and arms, and at the same time, apply fabric to the seat cushions and inside backs.

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