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The New Traditional: Today’s conventional home interior is moving away from the buy-as-a-set theme to a much more blended eclecticism incorporating many styles and periods into a heterogeneous mix. What was once considered avant-garde design is now becoming main stream.

It’s no longer considered a fashion faux-pa, for example, to introduce older warn pieces with new or contemporary designs into what was previously considered a stately home interior. The mixing of differing cultural influences as in Asian with Queen Anne, for example, is acceptable. The rules of interior design have been stretched so much that it’s now entered a new era that transcends the previous norms.

Of course, along with all these changes in acceptability of disparate integration, is the increased complexity in blending the various pieces so that final design has a coherent and cohesive connection. When working in this design genre, the services of a professional Interior Designer is much more important, than when working in a single style or period.

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